How do I change my password?

Your password may be changed by visiting the website here.
If you need assistance with a password, please email

Can Task Force Co-chairs change the wording of PICO questions?

Yes. Task force co-chairs are encouraged to carefully review the wording of the questions to ensure that they are clear. The wording can be changed in the beginning of the process.. Changes are tracked by SEERS.

Can Task Force Members change the wording of PICO questions?

No. Only Task Force Co-chairs have permission to change the wording of the questions. Task Force members should use the comment box to suggest alterative wording to the questions or the outcomes. Ideally, the task force member will preface the comment with their initials to enhance the discussion with the other task force members. This is one of the key purposes of the comment period.

What Internet Browsers Work Best?

The latest releases of Internet Explorer 32-bit work well, and Safari on Mac.

How can I add an outcome to the outcomes list?

Please contact if you need an outcome added to the master list.