We would like to help out with any issues you have.
- Please contact ilcor@heart.org with your questions about SEERS.
- Please email Bill Montgomery with questions about the C2015 evidence evaluation process.
- Please email Peter Morley and Eddy Lang with questions about evidence review, question wording or GRADE.

When you sumbit a request for assistance with a SEERS issue, please provide the following information:

- What computer system are you using? PC or Mac?
- What is the version of your operating System? (examples include Windows 7 or 8,  Mac Mountain Lion)
- What type of browser are you using? (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)
- What were you doing when the issue occured?

This will help us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

The outcome that I would like to use is not included in the outcomes list?
Please email ilcor@heart.org if you need an outcome added to the list.