Use of PICO Format*
Shortly after the 2005 International Consensus on Science and Treatment Recommendations were published, the ILCOR task forces generated a comprehensive list of questions for evidence evaluation. Questions were selected based on controversy, new information, and previously identified knowledge gaps. The clinical questions posed during the 2005 guidelines process and the knowledge gaps identified during the 2005 Consensus on Science process provided the initial basis for this list, which was supplemented during in-person meetings and conference calls among the task forces. Questions were then refined to fit the Population Intervention Comparator Outcome (PICO) format. The task forces selected and invited topic experts from around the world to serve as evidence evaluation worksheet authors. Specialty organizations were also solicited to suggest potential worksheet authors. The qualifications of each worksheet author were reviewed by the task force, and potential conflicts of interest were disclosed and evaluated by the task force co-chairs and COI co-chairs. Worksheet authors could not have any significant COI issues pertaining to their assigned worksheet. If a COI was identified, the topic was assigned to a different worksheet author. Generally two authors were invited to complete independent reviews of each PICO question. A total of 356 worksheet authors from 29 countries completed 411 evidence reviews on 277 topics.
*Information abstracted from the 2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC