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Retired from PICO Process. Contains risk bias reviews using the Newcastle model.

Evidence Reviewers
expand Question :  ‎(96)
expand Question : Chest compression depth ‎(34)
expand Question : Chest compression only CPR vs conventional CPR ‎(21)
expand Question : Chest compression rate ‎(47)
expand Question : Chest Compression–Only CPR Versus Conventional ‎(4)
expand Question : Dispatcher instruction in CPR ‎(7)
expand Question : ECPR Versus Manual or Mechanical CPR  ‎(73)
expand Question : ED Fibrinolysis and Transport Only for Rescue PCI Versus Transport for PCI  ‎(13)
expand Question : EMS CC only vs standard CPR ‎(10)
expand Question : Feedback for CPR quality ‎(18)
expand Question : High fidelity training ‎(1)
expand Question : IABP vs manual CPR ‎(23)
expand Question : METs for adults ‎(77)
expand Question : Minimizing pauses in chest compressions ‎(7)
expand Question : Oxygen delivery during CPR (Neonatal) ‎(19)
expand Question : PCI After ROSC With ST Elevation  ‎(59)
expand Question : Pediatric METs and RRTs ‎(15)
expand Question : Post-ROSC Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) ‎(4)
expand Question : Prehospital Fibrinolysis Versus ED Fibrinolysis  ‎(17)
expand Question : Prehospital Triage to PCI Center Versus Prehospital Fibrinolysis  ‎(55)
expand Question : Sequence of Chest Compressions and Ventilations: ‎(18)
expand Question : Temperature Maintenance in Delivery Room ‎(17)