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International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)

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​Gavin Perkins


​Maaret Castren

Honorary Secretary 

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Honorary Treasurer


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2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).  ILCOR was formed in 1992 to create a forum for collaboration among principal resuscitation councils worldwide.  Since then, ILCOR has established and distinguished itself for its pioneering vision and leadership in resuscitation science.

By systematically assessing the evidence for resuscitation standards and guidelines and by identifying national and regional differences, ILCOR reached consensus on international resuscitation guidelines in 2000, and on international science and treatment recommendations in 2005, 2010 and 2015. However, local variation and contextualization of guidelines are evident by subtle differences in regional and national resuscitation guidelines. ILCOR's efforts to date have enhanced international cooperation, and progressively more transparent and systematic collection and analysis of pertinent scientific evidence. Going forward, this sets the stage for ILCOR to pursue its vision to save more lives globally through resuscitation

At present, ILCOR comprises representatives of the organizations at right. Click on a logo to visit each organization's website.


ILCOR Vision, Mission and Values:

VISION:  Saving more lives globally through resuscitation.

MISSION:  To promote, disseminate and advocate international implementation of evidence-informed resuscitation and first aid, using transparent evaluation and consensus summary of scientific data. We will fulfill this mandate by: 

    • Rigorous and continuous review of scientific literature focused on resuscitation, cardiac arrest, relevant conditions requiring first aid, related education, implementation strategies and systems of care 
    • Publishing regular and ongoing consensus on science with treatment recommendations 
    • Collaborating with others to facilitate knowledge dissemination and exchange, inform effective education and training, implement and share trusted evidence-informed resuscitation practices 
    • Enhancing capacity through mentorship and fostering the next generation 
    • Leading the international resuscitation research agenda to address gaps in knowledge and promote funding related to resuscitation and relevant first aid practices 
    • Encouraging engagement of patients, families and the public as partners in our activities 
    • Monitoring and reporting incidence, process of care and outcomes to improve patient care 
    • Building the foundation to evolve from international to global impact


  • Scientific Rigor - We deliver the highest quality continuous evaluation of relevant science and timely consensus on science and treatment recommendations 
  • Collaboration - We promote an inspiring, respectful, mentoring and collegial environment that fosters productive relationships and networks with global partners 
  • Diversity- We embrace a broad range of cultures, disciplines and perspectives 
  • Integrity - We place integrity at the core of our processes and relationships and manage conflict of interest and potential or perceived bias in all our endeavors 
  • Accountability, Communication and Transparency - We are transparent in our conduct of business, methodology, recommendations, communications and actions 
  • Responsiveness We are sensitive to local, national, international and global contexts.

 ILCOR Reviews

You can access the 2015 CoSTRs and relevant attachments below without signing in. If you wish to view the entire digital worksheet you will need to sign in via the link in the upper right hand corner of the page and establish an AHA ID and password. This will enable you to use the link to the digital worksheet found at the beginning of each CoSTR. In most instances the attachment links beneath the CoSTR will give you the important information and log in may not be required.
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Follow us on Twitter: @ilcor_org

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