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Pediatric Early Warning Scores (PEWS)

Question Type:
Full Question:
For infants and children in the in-hospital setting (P), does the use of a pediatric early warning score (PEW) (I), compared with  not using a pediatric early warning score  (C), change  (O)?
Consensus on Science:
For the critical outcome of reduced mortality from cardiac arrest, we identified no evidence that showed changes in cardiac arrest rate or mortality outside of the PICU setting.For the critical outcome of incidence of cardiac arrest, we identified very-low-quality evidence from 1 pediatric observational study (downgraded for risk of bias, indirectness, imprecision, and possible publication bias) reporting that the introduction of PEWS into a hospital with an established MET system was associated with a fall in the incidence of cardiac arrest from 0.15 to 0.12 events/1000 patient days.(Randhawa 2011, 443-456)
Treatment Recommendation:
The confidence in the estimate of predictive value is so low that the panel decided a recommendation is too speculative.
CoSTR Attachments:
GRADE GRID - PEWS v Antonio 8-102014_AAT_n.docx    
GRADE GRID PEWS v Antonio 8 102014 AAT_n.docx    
PEWS vs No PEWS in in-hospital pediatric patients v AntonioRN_n.docx    

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If you have any comments or questions on this page, please email us at: