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Hybrid learning

Question Type:
Full Question:
Among students who are taking advanced life support courses in an educational setting (P), does hybrid learning (eg. e-learning or pre-testing combined with face to face training) (I), compared with a traditional course (C), change cognitive knowledge, skill performance at course conclusion, skill performance at 1 year, skill performance in actual resuscitations, increase survival rates, skill performance at time between course conclusion and 1 year (O)?
Consensus on Science:
For the important outcomes of skill performance at course conclusion and cognitive knowledge, we identified moderate-quality evidence (downgraded for indirectness) from 1 RCT enrolling a total of 572 participants showing no benefit for 1 specific format of precourse preparation (skill: mean difference, −0.5; 95% CI, −2.81 to 1.81; knowledge: difference in pass rates, 1.8%; P=0.4). The study did not evaluate the impact of precourse preparation on face-to-face or overall course time (eg, when used as part of a blended learning program).
Treatment Recommendation:
The confidence in effect estimates is so low that the task force decided a specific recommendation for or against precourse preparation in ALS courses was too speculative. Values, Preferences, and Task Force Insights There is considerable ambiguity about the definition of precourse learning, particularly because some larger published studies have used a blended learning model (independent electronic learning coupled with a reduced-duration face-to-face course) resulting in similar learning outcomes and substantial cost savings. In the end, the EIT Task Force decided to focus purely on precourse preparation and remove studies with hybrid training programs.
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