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ILCOR Continuous Evidence Evaluation
In 2015, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) announced that “over the next few years…ILCOR moves toward a more continuous evaluation of the resuscitation science.”
True to our word, that time has come.
ILCOR has now begun the continuous evidence evaluation (CEE) process. Our Task Forces are reviewing the PICO questions from the 2005, 2010 and 2015 International Consensus Conferences. These are PICO questions previously addressed by ILCOR for which there are existing consensus on science and treatment recommendations. Using some guiding questions (Is there new evidence likely to alter the strength or direction of existing recommendations? Is the intervention being evaluated in such wide use that an evidence review, even a limited one would be important for providers and patients? Is this a novel intervention that requires additional research?) and relying on the expertise of the co-chairs and members, the Task Forces have categorized these PICO questions into one of these four buckets:  REACTIVATE, REPOSE, REASSIGN AND RETIRE.  

The REACTIVATED questions were then priority ranked by the Task Forces with the following considerations:  
  • potential impact on mortality/morbidity 
  • known new or emerging literature
  • an intervention in widespread use and in need of an evidence review so as to better clarify the benefits, risks, harms and costs
  • a research gap that needs to be highlighted for a widespread or promising intervention that may lack sufficient evidence for even a weak or conditional recommendation    
ILCOR is now soliciting public comment on the prioritization of the Task Force PICO questions. 
This online process is in line with ILCOR’s mission “to promote, disseminate and advocate international implementation of evidence-informed resuscitation and first aid, using transparent evaluation and consensus summary of scientific data” and ILCOR’s values of Scientific Rigor, Collaboration, Diversity, Integrity, Accountability, Communication and Transparency, and Responsiveness.
As a stakeholder in resuscitation care and first aid, we encourage you and your organization to participate in the PICO question public comment process.
The public comment period for each task force will be open for 14 calendar days. This will be noted below with an active link to access the public comment form. Check back on this page regularly for updates.